Fran Vasilić just released fun futuristic visuals for “Maybe” from his new EP

Fran Vasilić pairs a magnetic set of vocals with a sunny-synth loopy backtrack to create “Maybe”, a darkly light profile piece off his latest EP The Very Last Thoughts on Earth. The music video itself features Vasilić as he navigates the colorful, carnivorous world of a video game he appears to be stuck inside of. The lyrics suggest a twinge of dissatisfaction; that maybe Vasilić isn’t the reason things feel so out of place. “You say that I’m too picky, but there’s too much on my plate.”

A lull after the second chorus brings forth an ethereal, descending synth sequence. This dreamy decadence is paired in the music video with a floating yellow question mark which Vasilić stares at numbly for a while before erupting in laughter. Vasilić then mentions: “the fact that I don’t know how to say yes or no.” He can’t help but wonder if he’s trapped in this soundscape of uncertainty based on his own detriment. Instead he surrenders; “I promise I’ll let go of the parts of myself that I like, be focused and nice.” The repeating backtrack that loops over itself, the bursting notes of saccharine happiness that bounce off the synthesizer paired with Vasilić’s self-reflective lyrics create a sonic field almost too perfect to leave.

Fran Vasilić’s new EP The Very Last Thoughts On Earth follow-up his debut album Retrovizor and his viral break into the bedroom-pop arena through a stream of viral Tik Toks. He grew up in the rich beauty of the island of Krk, Croatia. Vasilić highly anticipates sharing the new EP with the world: “I’m working on the best music of my career so far.” 


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