Poster Child shares funk-fueled single “I Need Your Love”

Nashville based duo Poster Child creates music that is a funky and fun filled sonic journey. Their single and video “I Need Your Love” is the standout jam from their recently released five track EP Super Nova.

“I Need Your Love” begins with bumping bass and soon thrills with the vivacious and soulful vocals of lead singer Theresa Gorella. The track details a woman trying to seduce her love by hanging out with those closest to them. This ties into the overall theme of the EP which chronicles a story of an expanding cast of characters during a single night at Chateau Disco. The accompanying visuals tell this narrative using super 8 film for a nostalgic and cheeky good time.

Poster Child have an uncanny ability to create music that feels nostalgic but at the same time fresh and novel. Super Nova is the second EP from the duo whose first collection of music as released in 2019 and entitled Death Star Cadillac.


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