Rebel Kicks craft arena worthy single “Hamartia”

New York based Rebel Kicks have returned with an explosive pop rock banger. It’s called “Hamartia” and it is named after a Greek tragedy.

The interesting and relatable narrative of “Hamartia” is according to the band about someone who is their worst enemy. They confide, “someone who wants to be positive, but is inevitably dragged down by their own perceptions and paranoid beliefs, yet they’re self-aware enough to recognize that as their fatal flaw, or literal hamartia. The word “Hamartia” originates from Greek tragedy, and though it has several interpretations, it most commonly refers to a fatal flaw that leads to the downfall of a tragic hero or heroine.” With catchy melodies that won’t quit over pop rock landscapes full of intensity, “Hamartia” is a must add for any playlist.

The duo is composed of Anthony and Steven Babino, talented brothers who began the band in 2018. Known for their electrifying live performances and high energy all encompassing pop rock sound, Rebel Kicks are an exciting band to watch.

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