Born I – How Many Times | Video @bornimusic

“How Many Times” is the latest visual release from Born I, following the successful release of his single and video “In This Moment”.

“How Many Times” is an visual meditation on the cycle of rebirth and reincarnation. Using color and emotion to tell his story, the video features Born I moving through life and death, crossing into the afterlife with the grim reaper, meditating with deities and rapping in a Buddhist temple. The video also features Born’s wife Ayanna and their daughter Sati, helping Born navigate between worlds. The song, produced by DaRC, provides a haunted, bass heavy soundtrack to the rich visuals, beautifully shot by Jeff Ray and directed by Roy Leschiner.

Some words from Born I:
I’ve been thinking a lot about death and rebirth and this song is a reflection of that. But I’ve also been thinking about how death and rebirth happen within this very life. How many times am I going to make the same mistakes, how many times am I going to fall down and get back up, how many times have I’ve been held up and supported by my family and friends? It’s really a reflection on how life, death and rebirth can happen right now and also what it might mean to die and be born again inwardly and outwardly.

Check out the video and stream the album below.


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