Leyla Diamondi’s ‘Broken Pieces’ is the next musical classic

At 23 years old Leyla Diamondi unleashes a fully-fledged piece of art. ‘Broken Pieces’ is an intrinsically layered rendition of ache and self-awareness. Following up on her acclaimed single ‘My Soul Cries’, we didn’t think the Greek-Turkish singer could outdo herself offering such a riveting performance. ‘Broken Pieces’ captures the essence of heartbreak with complex emotional dynamics, which are aesthetically mirrored in the classy production. 

While the track holds heart wrenching powers, it induces great relief, even upon first listen. Diamondi is a force of nature and the quality of her craft is mental. ‘Broken Pieces’ has full potential to become a classic, a staple heartbreak song, a track people will study and look up to in the future. 

“When I was writing Broken Pieces, my intention was never to release it. My reason for writing this song was because I had a need to be completely exposed, vulnerable, bold and open. I felt in the past I was hiding behind the production because I was afraid to be honest. When I recorded the vocals with my good friend Lef at his home studio I was crying and crying, the tears wouldn’t stop. Lef was kind and peaceful, he just sat back in his chair and said, “wow, the power of music man.” To me this felt like he was trying to say, I’m not judging you and here you are safe. In that moment I really needed that. Broken Pieces has given me strength and self-trust. I used to put up walls to feel safe, because I was afraid of being rejected by the pack if you will, but now I have come to realise that being open and fluid (like water) is so much more powerful; invincible. I am not afraid anymore. This has been my songwriting journey.”


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