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First Day Feature: Get familiar with California MC 2LIT

One of the things that have been consistent since the birth of hip-hop are rappers who wants to get the party started. The sheer energy some are able to put into a record can make their songs stick in the minds of fans forever. An artist who always looks to raise the energy level is Santa Ana, California native 2LIT. The rising talent sat with us for a Q&A session involving his goals, how he started recording and more:

Where are you from and what is your name for those new to you?

My name is 2LIT and I’m from Santa Ana California.

What do you want or need people to know about you as a person and as an artist?

I want people to know that I’m no better than anyone. fuck up and make mistakes just like everyone. I chose my path and I knew my bid. Life’s a learning process and if you aren’t willing to take risks, what’s the point of growth? And as an artist want people to know that you must believe in your vision in order to prosper even when it doesn’t seem possible.

What are your influences as an artist?

Influences are around us everyday; it takes a matter of perspective to perceive inspiration. My main influences are rock and rap. I’m more drawn to the punk aesthetic and the street style from rap. Makes sense since my favorite artists are Trippie Redd, Juice Wrld, and Playboi Carti. Each area of life has a different influence. You just need to find yours.

Did you have any heroes or role models growing up?

Growing up my biggest role model was myself. I thrived on improving myself and how I could do things others couldn’t. I love myself and hate myself. A healthy balance if you ask me. Sure I looked up to the legends in the industry but I strive to be myself, individuality is key.

How long have you been doing music?

I have loved music ever since I was young. It only took time for me to say fuck it and do it myself. I saw the vision and soon chased it. I started rapping in 2016 and started taking it seriously in 2018. Since then I’ve grown to become a studio owner and now I’m moving on to better ventures. feel that music never truly leaves your life. Cause if you’re an artist that’s the only thing that matters in life to you.

What’s your favorite song of yours to date?

I do not have a favorite song cause every time I make a better song feed off the improvement and continuously make better music. It’s good for the time I made it and if it’s a strong song it’ll hold throughout time.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

In three years I hope to be on tour and my Brand will either be taking off or on its way to do so. You can manifest anything but it comes on it’s own time.I hope to obtain a playboi carti feature due to him being my favorite artist. I draw inspiration from all his music and would hope to be a part of his opium label or collaborate with my own label in the future.

What three artists would you want to tour with?

I hope to go on tour with Playboi Carti, Trippie Redd, and Lil Uzi Vert. Due to the fact that they all inspired me when I was younger and always had respect for their craft. The tour would be a mixture of LUV IS RAGE AND I MISS THE RAGE. Energy is everything.

What do you feel makes you different than most other rappers?

I believe I’m different due to the fact I’m an artist not a rapper. Art lives through generations. I don’t want to be temporary, I spend a lot of time thinking and asking the questions that need to be asked. Many live life without having a purpose and found mine. My whole life turned out how I wanted it to be all because I chose to be myself. Artists are rare nowadays due to music being heavily saturated. make music from all genres from funk to rock. It comes naturally to me and it’s all organic. I was put here to do music. Money doesn’t mean shit. As long as I make authentic music.

What’s your favorite city you have visited?

My favorite city that visited would have to be my own. My environment formed me into who I am today and influences me and my conscious. am thankful for that. Santa Ana is the perfect mix of imperfection and perfection. Many people view Santa Ana as just poverty but we are more than meets the eye. We live so freely and we do what we want. Many cities strive to be free but are controlled due to societal expectations. We are Raw and we are 714.

What do you want your fans to stand on? What is your brand? When people think of you what will they connect with?

I want my fans to stand on Love and Rage. It’s fine to feel both and each emotion helps us obtain certain things in life we need. You have to LOVE in order to feel and you must be broken to RAGE. Life’s a balance and I hope people recognize that. It’s easy to believe life is nothing but good but if it’s good all the time what’s the point of living. My brand name has already been established and it’s in the works as of right now but for now my brand is myself. I’m not perfect and no one is. However it’s what you do that matters. You can always change and life doesn’t stop for nobody. You only have 24 hours. What you do in that time matters. And if you’re consistent then you’ll be rewarded by the gains of your objective. My brand is founded on the personalities it takes to achieve happiness, which is LUV AND RAGE. People will connect with me because my music speaks for itself. Some days luv to rage and be reckless and careless. And some days I can be the total opposite. I feel as if people will connect with the reliability due to me showing both sides of life. Some people are deeply miserable and some are extremely happy. I can relate to both due to my traumatic and beautiful life. I’m the middle ground between them. I’m dead yet alive.

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