2LIT prepares to take stage with Pradda Jay & Friends

Coming soon to Long Beach, California is one of the hottest shows of the year. S.S.O.M. is presenting Pradda Jay with a bevvy of accompanying talent. 2LIT, one of the artists booked for the ticket is set to make his stage debut. “This will be my first performance and I’m excited to deliver what I’ve been creating I’ve been on a stage before but now the attention is all on me. So I feel like I’ll feel at home, Since I’ve gained experience from observing my fellow peers.”

In regards to how he and Pradda Jay developed a relationship, 2LIT said the following: “I met Pradda Jay through one of homies “Youni”. Youni has helped produce and aid Prada jay in his music career. So when me and youni started booking studio sessions in. Pradda Jay found his way into the studio with us and from there we’ve been tied ever since.

2LIT has more in store after the upcoming show as well. During the month of October, he is coming with 2 singles and a mixtape. Then the following months will contain singles, some collabs, and more music videos for his fans.

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