Baltimore’s Sunny Cowell Shows Off Her Duality

Sunny Cowell can’t wait to drop “Anthology of Love” this Fall. The debut album of the Baltimore instrumentalist and songstress is a tour de force of a skillset Cowell has honed for years. Daughter of groundbreaking, larger-than-life Jazz pianist Stanely Cowell (sampled by Kendrick and many more), Sunny is cut from a cloth of legend and one of our favorite rising artists in Charm City.

Cowell wrote her first song at the tender age of 5, dropped an immaculate EP in “Insecure”, and has blessed us with an array of singles (“Touch Me Now” and “Here With Me” among them) showcasing her otherworldly talent and versatility as an artist. My favorite of the bunch is probably “Nothing Else”, the first single off “Anthology of Love.” “Nothing Else” showcases Sunny’s chemistry with frequent collaborators TT The Artist and Mighty Mark, seamlessly blending Cowell’s ever soulful vocals with a Baltimore Club beat. The music video is flames as well; I encourage you to check it out right here:

As an Attorney as well as a Professor of Electronic Media and Film Law and Regulation, Sunny is just as multifaceted in her life as she is in her music. This professional duality undoubtedly has and will continue to serve her well in an industry filled with inumerable duplicitous, opportunistic individuals. While we love that for Sunny, perhaps even doper is the fact that she’s able to impart her transcendent skillset to young musicians eager to gallop in what is often characterized as a minefield. With her skillset, knowledge base, character, and work ethic to boot, I very much know it isn’t an “if” for Sunny Cowell, but a “when.”

Keep up with Sunny Cowell on Instagram.


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