Neil Nines: Follow the Leader and “Come and Get It”

While he’s seen a great deal of success in his field, it’s become bigger than DJ’ng for Baltimore’s Neil Nines. A seasoned vet of the game with business acumen to boot, he cares about the development of his colleagues and, as a consequence, is connecting the dots and developing brands. Neil continues to rock shows of varying flavors (fashion prevalent among them) on a regular basis and drop records; this October will bring his remix of Baltimore Club mainstay Mighty Mark and Rodney Hollywood’s “The Floor Is Ours.” With that being said, Nines is still making the time to help other DMV residents in his field to band together and grow through knowledge (and power) in numbers, making him one of our favorites to watch, in Baltimore and nationally for that matter.

In addition to recently blessing us with a FIRE new single in “Come and Get It”, Neil Nines recently helmed a course on brand development for music industry professionals alongside Mandy Kimlick of TMI Management. Mandy manages Teddy Beats and helped build the aforementioned DMV artist’s brand to millions of streams and festival performances with a performance at the largest festival in our backyard (Firefly) among them.

Hines has worked extensively with DJ and Booking Agent Josh Carroll, known professionally as DJ Sway to connect the dots within their scene regionally. On September 20th, Neil hosted a session focused on social media development and brand building with Lauren Bosk (Bosk Brand Management). His background in corporate training fosters his ability to compartmentalize concepts that aren’t the easiest to teach; said background also makes Neil a proponent of goal setting and group accountability, particularly crucial in the music industry. Regarding this communal building, Neil had the following to say:

“It has been an amazing experience and opportunity fostering connection and growth amongst the music industry community here. A common thread that comes up in our conversations is that we are all in this together in representing the value that we bring as performers.”

While it’s fairly certain the best is yet to come, it has to be said that Neil has already accomplished a great deal by being an active, positive presence in the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. music scene. I’m always happy to build with anyone who has the greater good in mind. Stay current with all things Neil Nines on Instagram.


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