Mello Music Group Presents A. Billi Free & The Lasso Mello Sessions

Mello Music Group shares the full A. Billi Free & The Lasso Mello Sessions performance video.  The duo perform, along with Jordan Hamilton (Cello), The Saxsquatch, Grayson Nye (Synth), Deep Greasy (Bass), in support of their album “Holy Body Roll.” Out now, Holy Body Roll received critical praise from Bandcamp Daily, KEXP, OkayPlayer, and more. A Billi Free & The Lasso is the third installment of the Mello Sessions concert series following Namir Blade and Apollo Brown. Watch: 

Launched in August 2022, Mello Sessions is a digital concert series held at the Mello Music Group Headquarters in the Sonoran Desert of Tucson, Arizona and streamed on Bandcamp Live that brings ticket-holders inside the label’s offices for intimate, 40-minute performances with label artists. With each session, Limited Edition Lathe Cut records of the performance are made by local lathe cutters. Pre-order The Lasso & A. Billi Free Mello Sessions performance w/ Tri Magi on 10″ lathe cut record here: 

A. Billi Free & The Lasso’s album “Holy Body Roll” is a groove-filled guidebook for healing, the soundtrack to help you move from tear-streaming breakdown to full-body boogie. The first collaborative album from Michigan multi-instrumentalist/producer The Lasso and New Mexico-based singer/rapper A. Billi Free, it’s also a quest for self-realization and self-preservation. With the aid of musical trio Tri Magi, The Lasso imbues thumping ’80s boogie, guitar-wailing funk descended from Midwest legends, heart-pumping house and techno direct from Detroit, celestial and spiritual jazz, and slices of krautrock with hip-hop sensibilities. A. Billi Free sings in warm, comforting melodies and raps with force and encouraging sincerity, pushing us to reconnect with our bodies in the present while accepting the unknown ahead. However, when the duo began working on the album remotely, The Lasso was still reeling from a divorce. Realizing Free’s sonic visions helped him transmute his anguish into uplifting, dance-inducing instrumentals. During mixing sessions in Michigan and Tucson, the pair drove through forests and deserts, the album on repeat. Listen closely, there is wisdom in every note and lyric, a chance for you to dance as the pain fades and the future comes into focus.

Order/Stream Holy Body Roll: 

A. Billi Free: Instagram

The Lasso: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Mello Music Group: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook


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