Genre-Bending Artist DK Verano Shares “Zombie” Single

DK Verano is bending genres as a rap artist with roots in hip-hop all the way to punk rock shows in New York City. This alternative approach is putting a new lease of life into the genre, making DK a person to keep an eye on. Now the original artist returns with his catchy melodies on his new release ‘ZOMBIE’. Featuring pulsing rhythms and swirling guitars, DK’s effortless flow reaches stratospheric heights on this fresh cut. 

DK gives us an insight as to how he created the track:

After a busy few years I realized the one thing I truly want out of making music is for people to be able to have fun from it whether it be escaping from the everyday putting on some headphones or going to a concert to jump around. I believe this is the start of that along with something different to explore sound wise.

On the rise, dropping multiple EP’s/singles as well as playing all over New York and Atlanta, DK Verano plans to continue to reach new crowds across the world to perform to. 

DK Verano is here with the goal to bring people together from all walks of life to have a great time and simply enjoy good music.

Stream DK Verano’s “Zombie” here

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