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Rutherford Royal shares Americana-dipped indie rock tune “Back Burner”

Nashville based Rutherford Royal is the solo musical project of multi-instrumentalist, producer, and singer/songwriter Andrew Christopher RutherfordRoyal. His debut single is the riveting “Back Burner”, a decadent fusion of blues rock, Americana, folk and pop. 

“Back Burner” tells the story of unrequited love in a poetic form. Rutherford Royal confides, “The boy has been waiting for the girl to fall in love with him as he watches her burn through several brief, meaningless and destructive relationships. Despite clear signs that he should move on, he is determined to die on this hill. Often it feels like the right thing to do is take the side of love and wait for the one you know you’ll never get over. This can be the single most destructive decision you ever make, but half measures will only lead to a life of ‘what-ifs.” This relatable narrative touches the listener at its core.

“Back Burner” is the first single off of Rutherford Royal’s upcoming EP set for release later this year. 


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