Brooklyn Artist Tyrin Drops New Single “What It Costed”

Following on from an exciting run of releases throughout the last few years, including his highly-impactful 2020 studio album ‘Moodswings’ and recent comeback single ‘It’s All Alright’, Brooklyn-based artist Tyrin returns to the fold once again with the fresh and energetic new offering ‘What It Costed’.

Conjuring a bright and fast-paced dynamic for his newest gem, ‘What It Costed’ marks one of the more passionate releases in his ever-growing catalogue to date. With his sweet and heartfelt vocal performance layered across a bouncing pop-punk-inspired production throughout, he is continuing his rise as one of New York’s most exciting emerging stars.

Speaking about his new single, he said, “It’s about realizing your bad habits are coming back to the surface but not letting it take control over yourself.”

Tyrin is a forever evolving creative mind, who’s never afraid to reflect on what keeps him up at night. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, the evolutionary artist has a genreless approach to composition.

Drawing musical influences from the earlier days of pop-punk and hip-hop, Tyrin started making music back in 2010, where he felt obliged to ‘fit in’ and explore the realm of rap. Maturing as an artist throughout his recent repertoire, his influences have united working and performing alongside his band to produce a truly unique soundscape.


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