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Mikano drops new single “Touché Coulé” from AKWA II EP

Hailing from Paris, Rap and Hip-Hop magician Mikano releases new EP, titled AKWA II, with one of a kind piece “Touché Coulé” at the helm. Pouring in an array of upbeat energy and garden-fresh Hip-Hop beatwork, this track really packs a punch. Listeners are caught in Mikano’s passionate momentum as he raises a glass to his unique approach to life – it’s clear he ain’t like the others who let time slip through their fingers. “Big move, can’t loose” shows off his confidence. “Touché Coulé” is an avid display of versatility as the artist taps at the crossroads of Rap and Hip-Hop while paying homage to his multi-national upbringing, particularly in Cameroon and France.

“Touché Coulé” can be heard alongside other innovative tracks “J. Bezos” and “Fug’d Up” on AKWA II.



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