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“Powertripp” is Ishani’s powerful comeback single

Y’all know how much we love silky-smooth RnB and so it’s a treat to have “Powertripp” from London based Indian talent Ishani landing on our radar. “Powertripp” is the powerful comeback single for Ishani who has been on a break since 2021. It’s a mellow mix between 1990s inspired Trip-Hop and moody RnB. At the forefront however is Ishani’s enchanting voice, singing about a toxic love story full of conflict and hurt feelings.

Ishani takes us into further detail about the meaning behind “Powertripp”:

“This is a song about self-love and how you can overcome being in a toxic relationship where negative patterns repeat. You have to come to a point where you let go of the rope of that power struggle and choose yourself over the endless loops. Take off your mask and veil and walk away.”

Greatly introspective, Ishani delivers a meaningful reflection on his individuality and emotional essence.


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