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Rebounder shares inspirational single and video with “Factoury Girl”

Brooklyn based indie rock band Rebounder have just shared their latest single and video “Factoury Girl”. The song and video are an ode to the non-stop hustle and hard work that big dreamers put in to accomplish their creative goals. 

Featuring crisp drum beats, layered dreamlike sonics and meditative vocals full of warmth, “Factoury Girl” is an ear-pleasing dream pop meets indie rock single. The video showcases a split screen, with Rebounder performing on one side and the other side dedicated to actress Annie Hamilton who is busy working as a waitress in a hectic restaurant. The contrast demonstrates the hard labor that many aspiring creatives have to put in to keep their creative passions alive. 

Rebounder is known for infectious melodies and a unique dream-filled indie rock sound. Formed by brothers Dylan Chenfeld and Noah Chenfeld, the band has found success opening for large acts including The Neighbourhood and Cautious Clay among others. With more music in the works, we can’t wait to hear what is next!

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