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Sierra Blax keeps it blunt and lighthearted in the face of heartbreak on “Distract Me”

Sierra Blax is a neo-soul artist who found her passion for music while growing up in Kaua’i. Her latest album brb…i’m daydreaming features melodic beats, captivating vocals, and rhythmic electronic layers. “Distract Me” is the focus track off her latest album, an honest breakup anthem with an upbeat heart. 

“Distract Me” uses groove-inspired electronics, plunging vocals, and textural sonics to create a dance track that plays into the drama of a recent breakup. The single uses dynamic interludes of violin and Sierra’s vocals overlaid the sound of a text being typed out and sent to add a layer of dimension to the track at the forefront. “Distract Me” was written about the difficulties of getting over someone and the coping mechanisms we seek out to distract ourselves in the face of heartbreak. Sierra writes, “There’s no getting over you. I need this night to distract me.” While the single admits to the intense emotions that follow a breakup and the human tendency to seek distraction, Sierra keeps the track playful at heart with lifted sonics and vibrant vocals. 

Sierra Blax has been singing since she was a child. She found music as a young vocalist while studying under Debbi Scarpell. Sierra continued to develop her vocals at the University of Hawaii where she focused on vocal performance. Brb…i’m daydreaming is her latest album, highlighting her affinity for vocal magnitude. 

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