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Mikano’s ‘Tell a Lie’ is priceless

We’ve nearly got whiplash from how fast Mikano has come back around to 1st Day Fresh with another fire music video lifted from his new EP. If you’ve happened to sleep on this rapper’s stratospheric rise so far, then let this be your wake up call. Following up on ‘Touché Coulé’, this music video for ‘Tell A Lie’ takes inspiration from Mikano’s diverse surroundings with different kinds of people, living their unique lives with all those unpredictable ups and downs. The fact that the artist describes this track as a “poem” or “essay” show how deeply thought out this one is – he took his time to step behind the curtains of everyday life and what he comes back with is a hard hitting narrative from this outstanding wordsmith. His words bounce on the backdrop icy synths and trap beats as he comes to realizations, “can’t be no stranger to myself” and “in this society you know freedom is too priceless.” He takes that confidence and passion into the cinematic music video, for which Mikano has teamed up with director Ferina and producer Incendie. Watch the ‘Tell A Lie’ video above and check out the full AKWA II EP below.


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