Jake Lancer is divine in “Baby Is The Moment”

Jake Lancer has just shared a massive pop single that is theatrical, unique and vibrant. Called “Baby Is The Moment”, the new electronic dipped track was inspired by artists including Lady Gaga and Charlie XCX and is a thought provoking club anthem.

 “Baby Is The Moment” is a song that explores important themes such as love, betrayal and trust. Lancer is hypnotic with seductive vocals, gliding melodies and synth pop soundscapes. The single is the first since his debut EP TAKE OFF! and it is the perfect anthem to end the year with. 

Jake Lancer is an LGBTQ+ influencer, singer, songwriter and mental health advocate. His music is often described as euphoric and colorful and his narratives deep and relatable. Check out “Baby Is The Moment” now. 


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