hip hop


Whether one simply observes the tonal language that puffs the breath of life into the lyric prose of rap music, the poly-rhythms of the “boom-bap” rhythmic phrasings that became a fixture of New York rap music in the late 1980s, the winding syncopation from the pounding “808” drums that are a staple of many Southern rap anthems, the routine manner in which rappers incorporate antiphony in live performances, or the improvisational nature of true free-styling, hip-hop is innately an African folk art within the American context.

Hip-Hop music producer Cool Boy Bobby is best known for his collaboration efforts with Lil Flip, Young Buck, Jellyroll, 2’Live Bre, Pastor Troy, JC Gwalla, and Hard Liquor Shawty. His most recent collaboration “Coming Out Hard” is making noise which features Scotty Atl, Lil Flip, Dave Skillz, and 2’ Live Bre. It’s a declaration — Cool Bobby’s musical concepts are here, and he wants you to feel it.

His music is available now on all streaming services.
www.instagram.com/yapcampaign @yapcampaign)


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