Michael Eddy shines in debut single “small towns”

California based Michael Eddy has hit the music industry by storm with his debut single “small towns”. The pop rock with country influence single brings out all the feels detailing nostalgia, hope and change. The single is the first from the new artist who is a young artist on the rise.

“small towns” is described as a “lighthearted anthemic track about optimistically embarking on new horizons and seeking out new experiences.” The track is the perfect listen for the new year and bringing a joyful exuberance to welcoming in positive change. Michael Eddy’s vocal delivery is top notch and the melodies are catchy and fun. With a knack for performing and musicianship Micheal Eddy is certainly an artist to watch.

Michael Eddy is not only a singer/songwriter but also a multi-instrumentalist and dancer. The Los Angeles based talent has teamed up with Michael Orland from American Idol fame for his debut musical offering. Take a listen to “small towns” now and add the song to your favorite playlist.

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