Feature: Get To Know Steelle4Real “B4 The Fame”

Steelle4Real is a rapidly rising artist out of Atlanta who is making his presence felt with new single “B4 The Fame” (OUT NOW) already receiving serious spins on the radio side and bolstering the name of a newcomer packing a veteran’s aura. Steelle has a presence that typically takes years to develop, calling upon real-life experiences and a hunger to “make it” to propel his ascent. Stylistically, it doesn’t hurt that he packs the versatility to sound like two different artists on the same track (something Steelle himself acknowledged in a recent conversation).

The Atlanta up-and-comer works closely with producer Rayan, who has Kodak and Future in his credits, among others. He also has familial and creative familiarity with veteran DJ Swamp Izzo, who is moving in-step with everything Steelle is doing. In an industry rife with snakes, it’s mandatory to have this kind of support, particularly being a standup individual. I think this mindset and the aforementioned family ties shine through on Steelle’s records, and I think the people will continue to agree.

A South Carolina native, Steelle is placing an emphasis on authenticity and universal appeal, recently telling The Hype Magazine: “I wanted something that was gonna shake the Atlanta scene up and I feel like this is that record. I feel like it will touch every aspect of the world. Mainly my flow, metaphors, just something everybody can feel, even the females. When this record come on, you gone know what time it is.”

Mass Appeal is the move, so make sure you’re streaming Steelle4Real wherever you’re grabbing your music and give him a follow on Instagram, so you can say you knew him “B4 The Fame.”

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