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Atlanta-based rapper Yelleaux makes debut via own label Trap Boss Records

The boss is here! The New Orleans-born, Atlanta-based Yelleaux is the head honcho at independent Trap Boss Records, a label that the young artist set up himself through which to release his own music but also help fellow aspiring musicians to kickstart their own careers. Proving that his label is a fully functioning project, Yelleaux has released his debut single ‘Rich Bastard’, which is a fully immersive, hard-hitting rap tune with the suitably bold title. The soundscape isn’t for the faint hearted, it has immense energy with thrashing drum beat and atmospheric synths. The highlight though has to be the rapper’s intense, direct and confident rap flow. ‘Rich Bastard’ is a solid introduction to Yelleaux and we’ll be watching this space from here on out!

“I am looking forward to this next chapter for me. I have been doing music awhile but never officially released anything besides one single I was featured in, so this is a big deal for me! I am thankful for my team for all the work to pull this together. 2023 will be a memorable year, I am doing this one for me and my hometown of New Orleans!”



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