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Big Toks’ new video for single ‘Never Slackin’ passes the vibe check

After amassing 80,000 streams on his latest track ‘Never Slackin’, Big Toks unveiled a music video to please his fans. These montage of visuals displays the rapper’s lavish lifestyle, ice-cool stage presence and tasteful bravado as he flexes on everything he’s accomplished so far. The West Coast artist clearly has that sunshine-state of mind and it comes through in his confident and self-assured rap style, it’s neither rushed nor sparse, he hits that pace nicely. Drawing on his roots in Los Angeles, Sacramento and the Inland Empire, Big Toks’s production is eclectic with playful samples, a low-riding bass bump and almost Latino dance rhythms. ‘Never Slackin’ is set to lift any listener up and remind them to keep on hustlin’.

The Song is called Never Slackin – because no matter how I show up I am not slacking in any way. I put the work in to be who I am, I am talking about real stuff in my life and my lifestyle. This song is first song on Coupe Etiquette which is my debut album. And Coupe Etiquette is again apart of the lifestyle. I drive a coupe and I think it’s dope AF! This was a goal of mine at a point I made happen. But beyond that when driving a coupe maneuvering in and out of it, knowing how to use the features, the patience it takes, but the trade off you get in performance, it takes a certain etiquette to understand and appreciate that. That’s what Coupe Etiquette is to me, it’s a hella dope vehicle, and once you get in you’ll understand why this “ride” is so dope.



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