Afro-Caribbean Jazz Trio Nite Bjuti Blends Spoken Word and Eclectic Beats on “Mood (Liberation Walk)”

Nite Bjuti is a Brooklyn-based jazz trio made up of singer-songwriter Candice Hoyes, bassist Mimi Jones, and Grammy-nominated beat constructor Val Jeanty. “Mood (Liberation Walk)” is the trio’s new release written about the surreal changes and bizarre awakenings that occur between childhood and womanhood. The single dwells on themes of freedom, exploration, and independence through an abstract lens. 

“Mood (Liberation Walk)” features vocal variation from direct questions to ghostly background harmonies that flutter around the frenzied bassline and percussion. Nite Bjuti is inspired by Haitian drum rhythms and spoken word poetry which adds layers of rich history intermixed with modern experiences and novel electronics that come together on “Mood (Liberation Walk)” for a timeless yet redefined sound. Candice Hoyes ruminates on the forced transition into womanhood through captivating, avant garde delivery. She urges listeners, “Ask yourself; What’s the point of freedom if you don’t feel free?” The unique array of influences, dark and distorted subject matter, and vibrant, experimental sonics make “Mood (Liberation Walk)” a cultural capsule of thought provoking brevity. 

The trio has performed across the New York jazz scene at venues such as the Nublu Jazz Fest, NYC Winter JazzFest, and The Schomburg Center. Nite Bjuti are the recipients of the NYC Women’s Fund in Jazz Music which they used to fully fund their upcoming album, set for release on April 14, 2023.


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