Johnny Crown Drops Latest Single “Marilyn Monroe”


Johnny Crown’s latest single ‘Marilyn Monroe‘ showcases many varying elements. With an instrumental that combines the modern era with the 1950’s sonics of Marilyn Monroe’s time using deep booming 808 bass, snapping rapid fire hi hats, and crisp claps juxtaposed against a Jazz Age horn section, scat vocals looped, and vintage strings. 


The content is just as intricate, detailing a damsel in emotional distress searching for love in all the wrong places. Johnny Crown’s slick delivery is perfect for unveiling the story with witty one liners and graphic visuals; he paints the picture perfectly over top of a soundscape that is the foundation for a party anthem. ‘Marilyn Monroe’ is the perfect combination of what is needed to make any track stand out and last the test of time, it is both equal in depth and immediate impact.

Check out the teaser for the video!


Follow Johnny Crown:

Instagram @thejohnnycrown

Twitter @thejohnnycrown




Contact Johnny Crown:(CEO of Crown Royal Music Group)

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