Sinical Drops Introspective Single “It Don’t Hurt Me”

Weymouth, MA born artist Sinical is a modern-day musical philosopher. His unique wordplay, vivid story-telling, and lyrical ability are influenced by the struggles he has faced and overcome in his life. Sinical once again delivers this fresh perspective on his upcoming single ‘It Don’t Hurt Me’

Sinical’s introspective new track epitomises his honesty in songwriting. Thematically ‘It Don’t Hurt Me’ reflects on dark and painful times, but ultimately it’s an empowering listen that sends a message of hope and resilience. 

Sinical has found solace putting his pain to paper, expressing himself through making music and songwriting has given him an outlet to process his difficult upbringing and share his experiences and outlook with others. ‘It Don’t Hurt Me’ is Sinical’s second single this year, with more music on the way very soon.


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