Jay Whyman

Jay Whyman – “In My Maybach” |@diamondback1974

Jay Whyman: The International R&B Artist releases his latest single “In My Maybach”

Jay Whyman was raised in NZ and Australia. Jay is a former BMX Cycling Champion and grew up in the Motown era of music. Later Jay found a Talent for Songwriting. Jay eventually met and collaborated with Sam Hudson from Ikon Productions located in Brisbane. 

Since 2020, Jay and Sam have been developing their music. Currently, they now have 10 great singles in the modern R&B genre. Jay has now grown into a fine artist under the direction of Sam Hudson at the Ikon Production Studios. The duo hopes this music release will entice others to listen to our other great material on Spotify.

The single release  “In My Maybach” is their latest release and they believe this is the best track so far in their 10-track discography. This is a Bass-Driven beat about the ‘Mercedes Maybach’ ride. Be sure to connect with Jay Whyman on all social media and digital music platforms.







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