Kevin Ross Drops Hot New Single “Show and Prove”

Kevin Ross is a Billboard-charting R&B artist known for his unique outlook on romance and passionate performances as a groundbreaking vocalist. “Show & Prove ” is his latest single which warns against fixating on someone and clouding the raw beauty of a new relationship. 

“Show & Prove” combines windswept harmonics, budding percussion, and emotive vocals that rise to the surface of the track. The single leans into the intensity and depth of feelings that come up at the start of a new romance. Rather than getting carried away in a daydream, Kevin Ross admits that he’s ready to settle down and take a step into reality. He writes, “Nevermind the promises they told you – I can show and prove.” On “Show & Prove”, Kevin Ross reflects on his eagerness for a real and unfiltered relationship through genuine vocals and luxurious sonics. 

Kevin Ross has written and produced for artists such as Nicki Minaj, Ty Dolla Sign, Jamie Foxx, Lil Wayne, Tank, Toni Braxton, Lecrae and T.I. to name a few. He is the creator of his own label, Art Society Music Group (ASMG) where he continues to release Billboard charting R&B anthems. 


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