Imani Nichele Drops New Single “PETA.”

Poet, rapper, singer/songwriter, & DJ Imani Nichele is proud to announce her new single PETA. is out today! Produced by Loud Ché, PETA. bends what you would expect from your average hip-hop song—with its intricate flows paired with melodic chants. 

Imani Nichele is a Chicago-based 22-year old poet, rapper, singer/songwriter & DJ. Born & raised in Detroit, MI – her work has diverse influences on spectrums between alternative, folk and underground Hip-Hop. During her teenage years, she was active in poetry workshops & even wrote a book at the age of 17. After excelling in the community and serving as the 2018 Detroit Youth Poet Laureate – she began to pursue music & released her 4-track EP, WELLNESS CHECK in 2022. In addition to being a solo artist, she is co-founder of DJ duo 22xS under the alias “Mani duh Mixer”. Aside from her marrying melancholic melodies, the young artist has also toured; traveling overseas & US spot dates. 

“I’m who run it” – a refrain from Imani Nichele’s latest track becomes a declaration. With her new single PETA., the rising star cleverly asserts herself as ‘mother’ of the artform. Imani is currently working on a new project with upcoming tour dates to be announced soon.

Stream PETA. here

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