Jordan Duffy gives praise to all the amazing women and herself in “Wonder Woman”

Jordan Duffy is a woman of many talents. A songwriter, singer, musician, engineer and more, Duffy has just shared her latest single the empowering “Wonder Woman”. The track is also released with an inspiring new music video.

“Wonder Woman” is all about showing the world and yourself you can do whatever you put your mind and heart to in life. Confidence is hard sometimes, and Jordan Duffy reminds us all to be strong and kind, believing we and others can do wonderful things. She confides, “Everyone puts on their own armor to face the world and at the end of a long day this is the perfect song to throw on and dance your heart out to.” Her strong and powerful vocals are on full display with “Wonder Woman”, where she sings catchy melodies over pop rock landscapes.

The music video shows an inspiring story of a teenage girl who wants to succeed in playing football but is not given a chance. When she meets a mentor who gives you a chance and urges her on, she shows just how talented she truly is in the game. Jordan Duffy is seen cheering her on in the side lines, reminding viewers that encouraging others is such a great feeling. Check out Jordan Duffy’s fun-loving and inspiring new video now.

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