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The Dionysus Effect return with rock love anthem “Never Never”

Dynamic and ferocious rock trio The Dionysus Effect have just shared their latest irresistible grunge-drenched rock single. Called “Never Never”, the track is off of their highly anticipated album that is promising to be a potent and intoxicating mix of hard-hitting anthems.

“Never Never” details the lust, passion and fervor for the one you hold dear. The band confide, “It’s a bluesy-rock break-up song about never breaking up with someone because the passion you feel for them is just too strong to break-up.” That thematic passion also spills over into the sonics of the track which is filled with intense drums, evocative guitar riffs and a hook that just won’t quit. The Dionysus Effect have succeeded in creating a rock anthem worthy of any playlist.

The Dionysus Effect is friends and band members Christoph Paul (lead vocals/ bass), Sean Quinn Hanley (guitar/backup vocals), and Brett Petersen (drums). The name was taken from the Greek God “who in ancient times brought about ecstasy, insanity and ritual madness”, confides the band. That name is a perfect fit as it mirrors the band’s live show which is known to put the audience under a trance. Check out the new single now and turn it on loud!

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