Cloud Companion Announces Debut Single Can U Hear Me

Austin-based musician/songwriter Cloud Companion is proud to announce their new single Can U Hear Me. Due out May 18th, Can U Hear Me is a heartfelt synth pop ballad about navigating anxious feelings and making up after conflict with someone you care about. Can U Hear Me is the first single from Cloud Companion’s debut solo album “Ordinary Time” dropping later this Fall on Flyer Club Records.

Known for their contributions to the sensational collaborative performance group TC Superstar, Cloud Companion is the solo project of musician and songwriter, Aaron Chávez. Cloud Companion’s music is best described as bedroom pop meets contemplative exploration/meditation. For Aaron, making music is about “Expressing the relationship between cosmic and human perspectives, non-dual spirituality, and experiencing the sacred in the everyday.”

Working closely with longtime friend and collaborator, Connor Cambell, Cloud Companion has crafted their full-length solo debut. From mid-tempo beats, sparkling synths, and lyrics about day-to-day life to warbly, wind chime-like pianos, soundscapes of suburban neighborhoods, ruminations on emptiness, non-duality, and the divine, “Ordinary Time” is the embodiment of Cloud Companion. The perfect introduction to the emerging artist. Aaron says, I consider these to be my heart songs, and there’s a vulnerability that comes with releasing them into the world. It feels like it’s been a long time coming, so I’m excited for these songs to finally be free out there.”

Ahead of the release of “Ordinary Time,” Cloud Companion will be dropping a new song each month. The first single Can U Hear Me is due out on May 18th via Flyer Club Records.

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