Damar Jackson – Colombian Dope @damarjackson

Colombian Dope is an amazing track that will sonically put you in paradise. It shares an exchange of passionate metaphors that stimulate the mind. Sexy melodies over an open canvas. While Marissa arrives in a unique way, she opens up her love which ultimately ends in harmony.


Young Hungry Money Monsters – New Day

Young Hungry Money Monsters' latest single titled, "New Day".   Young Hungry Money Monsters are from the east side of Baltimore MD. This group consists of Ost Moe and Fatrod, both up and coming artists with a different sound! After completing shows with artists such as YFN Lucci, Lil Donald, Johnny Cinco, etc. these artists pride themselves in… Continue reading Young Hungry Money Monsters – New Day


Drey Skonie – Alive @Dreyskonie

Drey Skonie's latest visual for his single titled, "Alive".   "This song was made from pain, facing grown-up obstacles, and wanting to give up. Especially during these current events. But I knew I needed to make a song expressing this, because I know I'm not the only one praying for change." -Drey Skonie VIEW HERE


G. Battles – Mind Of A Champion @g_battles

G. Battles' latest single titled, "Mind Of A Champion", produced by Brockett Parsons whom is the pianist for Lady Gaga.   Inspired by the adversity faced by young rapper G. Battles, his latest single 'Mind of a Champion', is a triumphant achievement.   A collaboration with singer Aloe Joel, the track received interest from Storm (from Tupac Shakur's group; The Outlawz) who has a guest feature… Continue reading G. Battles – Mind Of A Champion @g_battles


Bobby Hagens – Let Me Tell It @BobbyHagens

Bobby Hagens' latest album titled "Let Me Tell It".   Maryland artist, Bobby Hagens, releases his brand new album titled "Let Me Tell It". Coming in 12 tracks strong, Bobby details the world view from his lens. From isolation, to growth, to relationship woes— Let Me Tell It is diverse from its launch to landing. It is the type of… Continue reading Bobby Hagens – Let Me Tell It @BobbyHagens


Vandes Jackson – Tippity Top @vandesjackson_

Vandes Jackson has been making big moves in the hip hop game. Not only as the founder of Rockstar Trap Music(R.T.M.), a collective that delivers everything from Trap to Rock and everything in between, but also his own music including his latest singles; “Vibe” and “Boom”. Both released this year, Vandes’ latest singles showcase an… Continue reading Vandes Jackson – Tippity Top @vandesjackson_

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Atlanta's own, Cosi's, single "Birkin" off his third project titled, "Alpha".   Code Game Cosi explains "Alpha" as a socially conscious project that explores the idea of inverse consequences while diving deeply into the idea of "what if?". The project is extremely relatable on numerous levels while the club crazed beats gift us a vibe that Cosi identifies as a "young… Continue reading CODE GAME COSI – Birkin


Rising R&B artist Mia Ayana newly released EP ‘Waves’

Mia Ayana explores the boundaries of reality in this new and compelling project, "Waves". For the first time ever, she says, she was able to combine intimacy with the idea of euphoria, creating a soulful R&B project far ahead of its time. Mia Ayana took inspiration from classic 90s R&B acts such as SWV, TLC and… Continue reading Rising R&B artist Mia Ayana newly released EP ‘Waves’