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Charlie Noiir returns with the passion evoking ‘Beside Me’

Alternative R&B singer, songwriter and Toronto native Charlie Noiir has returned with the passion inducing single ‘Beside Me’. Primal, evocative and emotive, ‘Beside Me’ stands as a war cry for love as he traverses the many trials and tribulations of a relationship in this day and age. Showing a side to the artist not often… Continue reading Charlie Noiir returns with the passion evoking ‘Beside Me’

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Waivs & Kodiak Soul –

Charlotte, NC rapper Waivs and Atlanta, GA producer Kodiak Soul present “Beside Me”, the new single from their collaboration album Daydreams & Nightmares. The duo first connected a few years ago after a mutual friend passed Waivs the link to Kodiak’s Soundcloud page. Waivs’ past solo releases include “Independence Day” and “Imminent” (Soundcloud) while Kodiak’s past… Continue reading Waivs & Kodiak Soul –