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Charlie Noiir returns with the passion evoking ‘Beside Me’

Alternative R&B singer, songwriter and Toronto native Charlie Noiir has returned with the passion inducing single ‘Beside Me’. Primal, evocative and emotive, ‘Beside Me’ stands as a war cry for love as he traverses the many trials and tribulations of a relationship in this day and age.

Showing a side to the artist not often seen, ‘Beside Me’ is intimate and encased in authenticity as Noiir dives deep and shares what’s on the depths of his mind. Unafraid to bare the musings of his heart, Noiir displays new levels of vulnerability in this sophisticated and fearless offering.

Produced by longtime collaborator and co-executive producer of Noiirs upcoming project On My Sleeve’s.

“I wrote this song a while ago, maybe around the beginning of the pandemic… I was in a contemplative, introspective space… I guess having all the time to myself allowed me the opportunity to really get in touch with my thoughts. There’s the space where a lot of these records came from off this upcoming project. As difficult a time it was, it really allowed me to tap into something. It just so happened that Zep sent the beat pack with the production for this record and as cliche as it sounds, that shit just flooded the page. Damn near wrote itself.

It all comes from a real place. And I hope the sentiment resonates with listeners. I hope people listen and are able to connect to the emotions in a real way….”  – Charlie Noiir


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