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Some Sweet Black Love Visuals: SiC “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” [VIDEO]

SiC Drops Touching Video For Single “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”

Black love is such a beautiful thing — and we are loving seeing it in on full display in the new video for “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” the first single for Philly rapper SiC f his mixtape “The Education Of Lauryn Hill Son,” made in tribute to the 1998 classic “The Miseducation Lauryn Hill.”

If you are feeling the vibe you can check out the full mixtape HERE

#LaurynHillSon #BornLegends

And here’s more on SiC!

Born Legends new recording artist is definitely setting out to make a mark in the Music Industry. Determined to bring back that 90’s vibe and lyrical artistry, Nathaniel Stevenson, better known as SiC, has been catching the attention his fans with his influential lyrics. Born and raised in South Philadelphia, SiC developed a passion for music as a teen while joining in on rap battles and poetry slams such as “Voices in Power” in the streets Philly. Focusing on powerful lyrics and dominating his music on sending out a positive message, SiC’s lyrics were compared to the Grammy Award winning songwriter, Lauryn Hill. Feeling Inspired, SiC knew that his music would make a difference in hip hop.

Graduating from Overbook High School in Philadelphia, his talents were good enough to earn recognition to attend Tyler Art School at Temple University, but hip-hop had taken hold his life.SiC neglected the fer and continued to work on his music. Prepared to kick f his career, he proceeded to release his first solo tape called “Kicking Dope Sounds” and followed by a solo EP called “The After School Program”, which was well received by hip hop fans. His lyrics were so captivating on topics that are rarely touched on in today’s music it reached out and magnetized the attention music executive Brandon “BL” Lewis. SiC was flown out to Atlanta the following week to meet with him. Knowing the endless opportunities at his hands, SiC moved out to Atlanta to begin working on his music.

Realizing this is just the beginning it all, SiC has been recently featured in the popular “HipHopSince1987” blog, where he was referred to as one Philly’s hottest new and upcoming artist. Taking advice from well known artist such as J Electronica, JCole, and Kendrick Lamar, SiC is working on his third project called “The Education Lauryn Hill Son” expecting to be released on December 12, 2016. Acknowledging his biggest influences in music, which are Pharrell for is individuality and Jay Z for his longevity, Sic wants his message to inspire everyone and generations to come.

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