Mhari Nyce proclaims himself “Smoke God” on new release

The times are looking good for Atlanta-based hip-hop artist Mhari Nyce, whose his debut EP, ‘The Wake and Bake’n Experience of Mhari Nyce’ has enjoyed appreciable plays and streams since its release in 2015. Now, the annual art festival South by SouthWest (SXSW) welcomes to perform onstage this March. The largest music festival of its kind, SXSW offers a great platform for the lyricist to showcase his art to an audience which is receptive to upcoming acts dubbed “the future of music”, a description that definitely fits Mhari Nyce.

Growing up he moved around a lot, which enabled him to take on different cultures and outlooks. During his early teens living in New York, Harlem was his stomping ground and he became involved in the street-life, which led him to mature at a young age and discover many things including his love for music – a positive source of escapism for him. Hence, Mhari Nyce’s music is influenced by his personal story, upbringing and views on life. His art is fuelled by raw depictions of reality. He is clear on his purpose to be remembered for musical excellence as well as his business ventures.

His latest single, ‘Smoke God’, released last month addresses the theme of a high elevation which transcends physicality and alludes to spirituality. With his skillful lyricism and remarkable flow, Mhari Nyce is certainly an act to watch out for. His fresh, eclectic and easily relatable sound will have the masses vibing. Look out for his performance at SXSW next month; it promises to be amazing.


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