Fluid – Pie | Album @fluidhiphop

Hailing from New Mexico, rapper Fluid releases his latest album “Pie”.

Fluid, a member of Hip Hop collective “The Outstanding Citizens”, is joined on the album by fellow New Mexico artists Def-I, Soy the organic Hispanic, Wolfman jack and K.LA.

From the artwork, created by Fluid himself, to the refined lyricism, “Pie” was driven by the phrase “presentation is everything”, a concept taught to Fluid by his father, a fine artist.
The concept of illusion fascinates the rapper and how, in this modern day of social media, it couldn’t be more relevant: “I believe how you present yourself matters, for good or bad it’s how the world will perceive & judge you

Originally, the album was slated to come out late 2020. But with 90% of it completed and ready to go; Fluid caught COVID. It took him six months to recover and feel well enough to finish the album. “I’m blessed to be able to release it to the world.“, Fluid says.

Check out “Pie” and grab your copy below.

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