Stam Goody slows it down on “Patience”

Following the release of his hard hitting debut single, “Clutch,” newcomer, Stam Goody is back and slowing things down for his follow up release, “Patience.”

On the mellow & introspective record produced by SLMN, Stam flexes his vocal skills as he silences doubters and reminds himself to remain patient on his rise to the top.

“I say get up out my face, I’ma need some space, you ain’t even in the race, just stay in your place, tunnel vision aint no way that I can slow this pace down…”

An ode to his grandfather, Stam reveals that the father figure taught him all that he knows about quiet and steady perseverance, while waiting for his dreams to manifest. “It takes a lot of patience, a lot of ups and downs, a lot of thick skin. It’s a true building process,” said Stam.

“Patience” will appear on Stam Goody’s debut EP, Defining Moments to be released Friday, July 13th.


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