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First Day Feature: Tonii Boii talks new single “Right Or Wrong”, his process of creation and more

There is something notable about an artist who can make you feel as though you are in the struggle with them. The gritty rappers who represent their hood to the fullest and draw you into it with their music. Not every rapper has this appeal but when they do and know how to use it it can be infectious.

When it comes to Orlando, Florida not many do this on the level of Tonii Boii. Over the past few years he has planted his feet as one of the premier MC’s of the area with several videos over the 10,000 view threshold currently. Checking out his music you will quickly see that his relatable vibe and honest lyrics about his grind from the lowest times can be palpable. Tonii Boii is the kind rapper you just have to root for.

With his momentum continuing to rise and the newly released “Right or Wrong” making its rounds, we at 1DF sought to speak with the rising star. We were able to get some insight into his upbringing, how he crafts his music and much more. Follow the Q&A below:

So to start for anybody unfamiliar and getting their introduction to Tonii Boii today give us a bit of information about yourself?

I’m 28, from Parramore Ave..the West Side of Orlando. I’m the father of 7 children, who’s lives I am actively involved in. Outside of rap I have 2 active businesses. My mobile detail Get Up Boosie & MTMG management & promotion company.

Coming from Orlando what are some of the things you think are unique about your city and how do you feel that separates you from your peers in rap?

Ion see shit bout this thats unique except for Disney World. My city is full of crabs in a bucket…every man for themselves. Ain’t no unity. It separate us because there is no unity.

You are a person who is very willing to talk about the struggles they’ve endured in the past. Do you think it’s important for your fans to hear this in your music or does it just naturally come across?

Very important to hear struggle because people like who they feel they can relate to. Although I make music for the fans, I make music for what I would want to hear.

If you had to describe your sound to someone who has never heard you before how would you?

I would simply describe it as pain & pressure.

Who do you think are some of the artists who inspire you most? Also who is in your rotation? I ask because there aren’t many people if anyone who I think sound exactly like you which is great.

I’m inspired by Tupac, Trick Daddy & I ain’t gone lie that young nigga Lil Baby & Ralo. My rotation is Meek, Lil Baby, Rod Wave, Pac, Trick Daddy, TI & Boosie.

Although you may not be what most would consider a “superstar” yet you’ve found a lot of success to date. What is one of the biggest things you’ve learned about the music game in your time doing it?

This shit is a facade. I learned that some bitches don’t care bout what they listening to, they just care about what the artist portrays. I learned that when making music it ain’t how hard you flow it’s just who you is. A nigga can sound like ass but just because he did some time, served a nigga or whacked a nigga …a bitch gone listen to ya. Basically street cred gets you followers and viewers.

What do you think is something not many people know about you that they should?

I don’t give a damn bout the hype, ion care bout the fame…none of that shit. They need to know that I’m just me. I’m not portraying to be somebody that I’m not.

What is the process like for you when you make your music? On the end of “Back In The Day” you say no pen, no pad. Do you really never write?

The last song that I wrote was BROKE NO MORE. I just got into the wave of not writing this year. My recent music…basically all I need is a bottle of Remy.

You just dropped a new visual for “Right or Wrong”. Can you tell us how that track came together for you?

I was drunk as fuck & the label requested that I pull up on 212 recording studios so that the producer JP could help me find a sound. Not knowing that I could sound like this or have this flow. JP brought a sound out of me that I wasn’t aware that I had.

It’s kind of a personal track. You really bare some of your flaws. Was that hard to do for you?

Nah it wasn’t hard…it wasn’t hard. It was talking bout some of my addictions..and I ain’t gone. That’s my past..but I am addicted to Remy.

What else is on the horizon for you as we get closer to 2019?

“Fire from the tailpipes, all gas no brakes no tail lights” ~Reasons by ToniiBoii

Is there anything else you want to share with everyone before we conclude?

I wanna share my story on this next album..Paid In Full 2…on the way! Thank y’all for having me.


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