1stDayFresh feature: UKnowScott


Bronx rapper UKnowScott recently released the music video for “Saints”, his new single featuring fellow Bronx emcee Chayce Crushh. Produced by Canadian beatsmith JP Soundz, “Saints” comes on the heels of Scott’s recent single “Betrayed” (stream). In 2018 Scott released his debut album New York Driver (Soundcloud) which spawned visuals for the “Absent” single (Youtube). “Life will make you jaded,” Scott says about the new track. “It’s hard to come up and stay squeaky clean. All of my associates are icey like me. We’ll be remembered as kings, not saints.”

You say “life will make you jaded” about your new single “Saints”. What’s an experience that you went through that jaded you? How do you deal with that?

I could tell you a story about someone related to me burning me on some bread years ago. I can’t go into detail for obvious reasons.. but I just look at it as my fault for trusting someone… if he woulda stayed solid we woulda made 100 times that together.. now he’s in the same spot and I’ve advanced way past that. As I continue to grow and eventually when I’m in a situation In which I’m able to feed the team and put them in position.. him and others will just be assed out, because I don’t forgive. I deal with it by learning from my mistakes.. people close to you will be the ones quickest to hurt you, so I make sure I’m never in a position that I need someone else. Self reliance, and realizing that its not me, its the lack of character in others, you feel me? I don’t be out here doing niggas grimy.

Where do you think you excel: in the studio or onstage? And why?

I definitely excel in the studio. My ear for music is different, and I’m always prepared and laser focused in the studio. I love hearing the music how its supposed to be heard. I have a ton of records with different types of voices, flows, and hooks. I love hearing my thoughts, and energy manifest. Everyone’s reactions when they hear it is just confirmation of what I already thought. Anybody in the room and the engineer when they hear it for the first time goes crazy and I love that shit.

How did you hook up with JP Beatz? How about Chayce Crushh?

I found JP Soundz on IG.. I checked out his website and it was full of heat. I sent him the vid before it was out and he thought it was fire so we rolled with it. Chayce is my actual blood cousin. Bitches last money second family first, like Lil Durk said you feel me? We have a ton of records together over the past 8 years. More to come as well with both of them.

What song of yours do you recommend people listen to first and why?

The consensus and most popular is “Driver’s Seat”, from my “New York Driver” album. My personal favorite is “Betrayed”. I think that shit is fire like Young Ma “oooooh” and Glokknine’s “10 Percent”. Betrayed is smooth and has bars, I use my voice well and in less than 3 minutes I make you feel me. I’m probably bout to record some new shit that’s my new favorite, it always changes. But start with that “Betrayed” record.

What’s your process for writing songs?

When writing songs I find the beat first. Sometimes I hear the beat and a hook pops into my head and thats done first. But most times I hear the beat, write the first verse, and when it hits write a hook next, and then more verses if I’m feeling it. I write my lyrics still, but I memorize it pretty quickly, so when I record I am done in one or two takes.


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