KEANA Drops new dreamy visuals for “Lilac”

Dream-pop artist KEANA just released impressive visuals for her single “Lilac” and it’s the perfect escape from a harsh world into a land of imagination and wonder.

Inspired by the subconscious mind, meditative states, and the power of dreams, KEANA knows how to give her fans some delicious food for thought.

 “Lilac” creates a dreamy palette of sonically pleasing colors, sparkled with rich synths, alluring vocals, and tasty electronic indentations. KEANA confides, “it speaks about wanting to be transported to another world where life stresses and fear do not exist. It is inspired by a dream I had one night I believe when I was living in Boston at the time. In this dream I heard this voice speaking to me. I felt that it was guiding me to this mysterious place where I could relax in paradise. The only way I could describe this being was a ‘White Phantom,’ this being of light that took me to places of “lilac islands and lavender beaches.” 

The visuals for “Lilac” creates a vivid landscape that feels as if you’ve been transported to a planet where nostalgia is mixed with the future, and freedom is the only word. 

Beautiful choreography and clever use of color adds to the song’s symbolism.

Check out  the new video for “Lilac” here and step into lavender infused magic.

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