DMV rapper Xaroc releases new video “Stay Strong”

Siraac “XAROC” Asefaw is a 24 y/o, African American rapper, singer, songwriter, and former boxer. Xaroc gained recognition as an artist by his first 2 singles “Drown in Pints” and “BackBone.”  Xaroc has also gained popularity from the DMV by touring with Wale on his latest “Everything is Fine” tour.

Stay Strong is a message about how I feel and what I’ve experienced before and during my career as an artist. People think I don’t care about them or I keep my distance but it’s only because of shit that I’ve been through,” said Xaroc.

Xaroc’s music is a reflection of his battle with homelessness from a point in time, losing a dear friend to gun violence, and his experience with volatile relationships. Xaroc has gained quite a bit of a fan base after delivering his first project “Tha Only Child.”


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