Kresnt brings his new single “Never Picked”

According to Kresnt, the inspiration for “Never Picked” is as simple as the concept of loving a delicate flower, you’ve grown & loved, and deciding to never pick it, so it can live it’s full potential and be admired from a far. In his real life, this tells a story of his previous relationships, where loving his partner, meant him deciding to leave for the betterment of them both. After making multiple versions of the song, produced by Audiodrugz, Kresnt linked with friend / artist Lidnesty out of Sweden, who rocked with the song vibes. Through studio connects, Kresnt’s production team set up a meeting with No1- Noah, who instantly hopped on and killed his verse. Fans can listen to the single now, which will also be on Kresnt’s album, Everybody Knows Reloaded, coming out June 10th. The album captures Kresnt being 100% genuine with songs that developed from the back of his mind. Kresnt states this project is more of a “curated playlist of his emotions.” Music enthusiasts will enjoy a tracklist of RnB, soul, and hip-hop bangers.

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