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U-God Says Wu-Tang Clan Had Several LeBron James Type ‘Banana Boat’ Accidents At A ’90s Video Shoot

What do Veteran Hip Hip Icon and Wu-Tang Clan legend U-God and NBA champion LeBron James have in common? They both have their fair share of near-death experiences while on vacation.

In the most recent episode of U-God’s U-God Raw podcast, released on Wednesday (August 18), U-God took fans on a wild ride down memory lane, stemming from a question surrounding LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony’s infamous ‘Banana Boat’ vacation story.

Much like the freak-accident situation Anthony described that led James to into the ocean to save his life, U-God explained in one breath how Wu-Tang members Ghost, RZA and himself, among others, nearly met their demise while in Hawaii in the ’90s while shooting the video shoot for their classic cut “It’s Yourz.”

“Ghost rescued somebody from — same shit that LeBron did,” U-God began.

“Somebody fell in the water, Ghost (Ghostface Killah) had to go in and save ’em. RZA did the same shit parasailing, but he got tangled up inside the fucking parasail and came down and almost drowned, too,” he continued in the clip.

“I did the same thing with Master Killer — I didn’t know, I smashed into him with the jetski, he flipped over and went into the fucking water and I thought I lost my brother for a second.”

Check out the full-minute long clip below, in addition to the full podcast episode here.


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