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I know I’m a little late on this but you know this joint had to hit the blog! Beno did his thing with this one! The WOO demon just dropped one of the the hardest joints in the city! He straight went off on this lowkey. That beat crazy but this an anthem right here! Definitely one of New York’s hottest artists on the rise right now. He just dropped his project recently “Fully Active” & the whole tape fire. Beno rawness & his catchy bars never disappoint. Beno is the next up for Brooklyn.

Beno work ethic this year has been crazy. Beno is keeping the party lit at all times with his music. Beno still be talking heavy though. He was talking that talking on this. The visuals proves that he got everybody out they seat with this one. Beno putting the WOO on his back. The WOO run New York period. I feel like everybody is a lot more hungrier this time around. This was an unexpected fire! That sauce right here!


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