EBE Kastro is back with his new single “Therapist”

Newport News, Virginia native EBE Kastro is back with a new single titled “Therapist.” Months after the release of his video “Lean” which is currently at 28k+ views, Kastro comes through with “Therapist” which is a single that is set to take Kastro to a new level. In the track, he displays the mindset of the average black male in his city. He utilizes the word “Therapist” throughout the track to emphasize that he is an expert in dealing with any problems that come his way.

EBE Kastro has made a name for himself in and out of VA throughout the years thanks to his hard hitting catalog that is relatable and at some moments. triggering. Through his pleasing voice over excellent beat selections, Kastro’s music paints a captivating picture of his surroundings and things he has experienced all through his life. Even if you’re someone that has never been exposed to street life, EBE Kastro’s music will place you in the front seat and take you on that trip. Click play on “Therapist” below and be on the lookout for new releases from this artist.

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