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Drizzy Juliano back with that sauce!! This joint official right here. He just released his latest visual “2 SIDES” & It’s real as you can get! He been putting his foot on necks all year. This man can’t miss at all! I said 2020 is going to a “Big Year“ for Drizzy Juliano & it still is!! Mark my words. The homie Drizzy always deliver that pressure like no other. He got the voice, the lyrics, the delivery, the authenticity, the pain, & the story.

Even though it’s a bunch of artists coming out of NY, Drizzy different. It’s like, he’s been putting so much heart into his tracks lately. Drizzy speak that pain talk in his music. He straight sauced on this! He really stepping up the music every time he drop something new. Every joint he seem to drop gets better & better. Whether it’s that swag talk, drill talk, or that storytelling, this man can’t miss. NOTHING BUT HEAT. Straight Sauce! His talk different.

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