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JULIANA. drops fiery sophomore single “Burn”

Rising pop singer and songwriter JULIANA. has delivered her second single “Burn” along with a fiery music video. The new song by the Los Angeles-based artist follows the release of her debut single and music video “Call It Quits” last month. “Burn” is a liberating pop song about overcoming hardships and challenges and getting rid of any negativity in your life. The music provides an empowering feeling with its electric guitar mixed with synths and vocal effects. The beautiful music video, directed by Alec Griffen and edited by Yossuana Aguil, is set in an eloquent stone house and features many visuals of flames or objects burning as she sings her empowering lyrics.

Check it out here:

“When I wrote this song a few years back, I was in the midst of an extremely difficult moment in my life. I was going through a depression due to my physical health being compromised as well as ending a long-term relationship with the first love of my life. I wrote this song as a breakthrough moment for me to symbolically ‘burn’ down any negativity I had harbored in the past and learn to grow into a more loving and positive-minded person who, in turn, became stronger from these difficult experiences,” shares JULIANA. “Burn” inspires listeners to overcome their challenges and search for a light at the end of the tunnel.

Although this is her second single, JULIANA. is no stranger to music. Her whole life has revolved around music and she even made it to the “Hollywood Round” on American Idol when she was a teenager. A few medical issues sidelined her musical path while attending college, but now she has found her voice again and fully returned to the music scene this year. JULIANA. aims to embolden listeners with her music by tackling various issues and inspiring them to overcome them. With two singles out, we can’t wait to hear what’s next from JULIANA.!

For more info on JULIANA., visit and follow her on Instagram @__juliana.____

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